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Experienced and Professional business broker within Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland’s Only Specialist Business Broker.

Specifically focusing on going concerns with an annual revenue between £1m – £20m.

Experienced Broker

Due to recent demand, we have expanded our resources to also cater for smaller businesses with less than £1m annual revenue, particularly in the hospitality sector. 

Our team is led by Managing Director Johnathan Fusco who is an experienced business broker on an international level. 

“I was involved in the business from a young age having worked through the ranks of my father’s businesses: Bangor Fuels, Fusco Vehicle Sales, Maypole Construction, and Wolsey’s Bar & Restaurant. 


This experience set me on good steed when I started my journey into the world of business brokering as I was then able to understand the variables of multiple industries. 

I expanded my business brokering knowledge in Spain. I owned & operated the Mallorca franchise of Spain’s largest business brokerage. 

Dealing with international buyers & sellers, I successfully brokered many deals across various industries. 

Health willing, I will be in this industry for many years to come. 

I will only take a business to market that I believe I can sell as I depend on referrals generated from my results.”